1+1 Video | Kate Hudson

1+1 Video | Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is the star turn in the latest video to be released from Sia’s controversial film ‘Music’ as she sings and dances her way through ‘1+1’. The ‘Almost Famous’ actress and one time wife of Muse lead singer Matt Bellamy skips around the technicolor set like a Teletubby on speed in a Day-Glo yellow outfit that compromises of leggings, bathing cap, a body hugging low turtle-neck long sleeve top and nappy like shorts. 

Sia’s film ‘Music’ has given rise to numerous videos to date, all with a vivid, primary theme that runs as a thread through the heavily criticised movie. The film, primarily about a girl on the autistic spectrum, has lead to many derogatory comments and even lead Sia herself to quit Twitter after she apologised, admitting she’d taken the wrong advice.

If you can separate the seemingly unintentional mistakes made in the making of the film as a whole from the individual cameos and set pieces that have arisen because of it you may be able to appreciate it’s songs. Kate Hudson, Zu, gives her all as the newly sober drug dealing half-sister of Music, the sibling she is made guardian of following the death of Music’s grandmother. The Golden Globe winning film star plays a convincing and captivating character throughout her performance and goes all out to entertain in the video for ‘1+1’.

The video for ‘1+1’ drops the day that Sia’s film ‘Music’ becomes available for on-demand streaming following it’s premier in Australia in January and it’s one day only limited US release on February 10th. Despite the heavy criticism and it’s generally poor reviews ‘Music’ has still been nominated for two Golden Globes. Clearly opinion, as ever, is divided. 

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