A Tribute to Steve Kornacki, the Internet’s Khaki King

A Tribute to Steve Kornacki, the Internet’s Khaki King

As this fan put it in a tweet, “Happy steve kornacki day to all who celebrate.”

“May your khakis be ironed,” another weighed in, “and your sleeves rolled up neatly.”

For those confused, no, it’s not Steve Kornacki‘s birthday. And January 5th does not mark an anniversary or holiday. But, for fans eagerly watching around the country, it is a special occasion—because Tuesday marks the Senate runoff election in Georgia and that means the beloved NBC and MSNBC correspondent is returning to his trusted map. 

If you did not turn on the news during the 2020 presidential election, it’s likely you missed Kornacki’s one-of-a-kind vote tabulations and map analysis as he kept fans attuned to how the race was going practically by the second. Equipped with a pair of signature khakis and a touchscreen digital map for circling and doing fast math with undeniable fervor, Kornacki had quickly garnered his own fan club. Cue the “Twitter’s boyfriend,” “Map Daddy” and “Chart Throb” headlines. 

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