And So It Went Video | The Pretty Reckless

And So It Went Video | The Pretty Reckless

One week ahead of the release of their latest album, ‘Death By Rock And Roll’, The Pretty Reckless have released a new single and video, ‘And So It Went’. Taylor Momsen and her band have now released four tracks from their up coming album having already dropped the title track, ‘Death By Rock And Roll’, ‘Broomsticks’ and the cinematic, James Bond flavoured ’25’ last year. 

‘And So It Went’ is another belter lifted from the highly anticipated twelve track album by the New York four piece. The Pretty Reckless feature Rage Against The Machine member Tom Morello on their new single and it’s certainly as intense as many of their records have been in the past. 

The driving power chords are balanced superbly by Taylor’s highly charged but crystal clear vocals as the machine gun snares and pumped up percussion share centre stage with intermittent guitar solos. At the breakdown Momsen takes a high and delicate vocal solo of her own before the explosive and energised intensity return. The song is further enhanced by the use of a child choir, rather like when Pink Floyd employed a similar technique on ‘Another Brick In The Wall’. 

In the video Taylor Momsen is seen, for a large part, dressed in a pink (Versace, “You can’t really go wrong with Versace”) suit as she sings. Taylor said, “I’ve been wanting to make something a little more fashion oriented”. After watching old music videos featuring Michael Jackson, Madonna and The Eurythmics Momsen was motivated to choose an outfit inspired, “speaking loosely about it” by Annie Lennox.

The suit maybe inspired by the androgynous Scottish songstress but the song is most definitely a top draw Rock track that takes no prisoners, boding well for the full album due out on February 12th. 

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