Animal Video | Lucy Spraggan

Animal Video | Lucy Spraggan

Lucy Spraggan, one time X-Factor sensation, has taken an alternate route to market with her latest single, ‘Animal’. When I say alternate, alternate for an English singer-songwriter known for her sometimes humorous lyrics and cheeky disposition. 

If Spraggan were a Hip-Hop artist from Chicago her new approach to marketing would probably have gone largely unnoticed but as Lucy has just had a boob job and is now a lot more body confident her latest release announcement was a little out of the ordinary. 

Lucy Spraggan has for a while now been more body conscious and has been training and toning, posting regular updates to her fans of her progress from her ‘two snooker balls in a sock’ to feeling ‘absolutely incredible’ with her new 34D’s. So maybe it should have been less of a surprise when she took to her exercise bike to promote her new track, ‘Animal’. In just a black thong, black bra and knee length rainbow socks Spraggan said ‘MY NEW SINGLE “ANIMAL” IS OUT TODAY! TURNS OUT SO IS MY A**E! Stream it in my bio!’

Turns out Lucy hasn’t lost her sense of humour now that she’s found a new body confidence. “I just feel more of an exhibitionist now, like I would do anything. I’m not afraid of being naked anywhere now!” Lucy said. In the video for her latest single Lucy is fired from her kitchen job and takes it out through boxing at the gym. 

Lucy is looking as trim and lean as you’ve ever seen her in the video; literally fighting fit! Her new song, released as an EP together with a collection of singles from last year, is a also about fighting back, “call me what you like, ’cause I’m an animal” Lucy sings defiantly. “Cause I can run faster and I can be free if I do the things you don’t tell me”. 

‘Animal’ is a far cry from ‘Tea & Toast’ or ‘Last Night (Beer Fear)’, it is a song that is more self-affirming, more confident and it is not trying too hard to follow a familiar formula. This is a bolder, more self-assured Spraggan, positive and poised for 2021.

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