Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Music Video Will Drop Friday With Kardashian Cameo

Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Music Video Will Drop Friday With Kardashian Cameo

Ariana Grande

‘Thank U, Next’ Vid Expected to Drop On Friday …

With Kardashian Dancing Cameo

11/27/2018 8:19 AM PST


Ariana Grande has been teasing fans and celebs alike to the point of torture with snippets from her “Thank U, Next” music video without a release date … but now we know when it’s gonna drop.

Sources close to Ariana tell us the project is set to debut Friday. The music video will highlight 4 female-driven films that have special meaning to Ariana. The movies include “Bring It On,” “Mean Girls,” “Legally Blonde” and “13 Going on 30.”

Our sources say the music video will also feature a cameo from one of the Kardashian sisters, who we are told will bust a move for the cameras.

A teaser released for the project Monday night featured actors from “Mean Girls” — including Jonathan Bennett — as well as singer Troye Sivan … so it’s likely Friday’s release will include several more celebs.

Ari fans were surprised to see Gabi DeMartino — a YouTuber who has made a career off of spoofing the singer — in the video. However, our Grande sources say Ariana actually enjoys the impressions and wanted to extend an olive branch to Gabi by inviting her on the project.

It’s not just Ariana fans who have been bitten by the “Thank U, Next” video bug … stars like Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Khalid and Normani have all blown the preview up too … with comments like “This is so fire,” “Yooooooo” and “yes pls give ur fans what we need.” 

The fans will get it Friday.

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