Business Tips: One Is Greater Than Zero – Gary Vaynerchuk

Business Tips: One Is Greater Than Zero – Gary Vaynerchuk

Awesome Tip: One Is Greater Than Zero – Gary Vaynerchuk

The time it takes to get your foot in the door at the biggest companies in the world is often years and years of hard work. It’s all the little things that you do along the way that add up to something more. So before you get a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg or Mark Cuban or me, you’re going to have to take 100 meetings with your friend, and your uncle and your neighbor. You need to put in the work.

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It baffles me to see how many people think they are bigger than they actually are.

People will ask me questions like “How do I get into the New York Times?” or “How do I get a meeting with that CEO?”

My reply? One is better than zero.

You need to be thinking about the steps it takes to actually get to the biggest places in the world. Before you get that meeting with Zuckerberg or Mark Cuban, or whoever you want to meet with, you need to have a lot of little meetings. You have to build up your cadence.

I’ve been on Conan. Ellen. The Today Show.

But I also did a thousand interviews that got one or nineteen or 137 views on YouTube. Max. Why did I do blog posts for so long that only had six readers? Why do I guest on shows with a smaller audience base than my own? Because I’m all about depth over width. I want to go deeper with my community. I want to give back to people who support me.

Even today, when I have more leverage than I did three years ago, I still live under the motto of one is greater than zero. To me, doing these interviews or guest posts is about the process of the work. Too many people are impatient and not willing to do that work. When you’re still making the climb, when you haven’t made your name known yet, you need to put in that work. I did those 119 and 137 view videos day in and day out. And I continue to.

You might make a video with 89 views. But one of those viewers could be a producer at CNN. Undervaluing just that one view is a huge mistake.

It’s about having the humility. It’s about not saying no. Even when you’ve made it. You’re never too big. One is bigger than zero.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 5 locations. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 4-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists.

Gary is the host of the #AskGaryVee Show, a business and marketing focused Q&A video show and podcast, as well as DailyVee, a docu-series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO, investor, speaker, and public figure in today’s digital age.

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43 Replies to “Business Tips: One Is Greater Than Zero – Gary Vaynerchuk”

  1. 50 people dislike this video? Salty much!

    I have to say this is probably the best video Gary has ever done, but perhaps (in context) not so popular – because the reality hurts!

  2. R U kidding me, 195 views!! I've been promoting my youtube channel Thowlander VanZettler for months now and only have a combined eyeball count of 290 views. Some of this footage was even shown on our local television station. My biggest amount of views for one video is a piddly 76 views. How can I gain from this Gary. Please throw me a bone. Even a shard…

  3. Amen this is legendary! Success is slow as fuck, takes a ton of time. Get it in your head that you won't see anything great happen for the next 3-5 years and then you have a shot! Lets get it! Check out our podcast, would love to have some of you on it! Hit us up on instagram: thedelandpeteshow

  4. Yes. I spend all my week's spare time to conceive, record, edit and publish a single video, tired, working 9 hours a day in my main job, and receive about 50 views. Sometimes it is a bit discouraging but… one is better than zero.

  5. 2:11 – "So undervaluing just that one view, it needs to be the right for you, but it's one view, is a humongous mistake. It's about having the humility, it's about not saying when you've made it, and that one is greater than zero concept is something I'm proud that I continue to execute on." — Gary Vaynerchuk


    One Is Greater Than Zero – Gary Vaynerchuk

    475,484 views on 09/13/17 at 3:19 AM PT


  6. I love this motto, as a Coach Gary I have always told my players that when it comes to reps. 1 will always be better than 0 get a reps. I feel the same in business. Get your reps. Then eventually you will get to the big game or in the business world get that interview or that meeting

  7. Just got this shared with me today. Even though this was a year ago it still holds true. I started a daily live show on facebook 2 months ago and it is now moving into a great traction. Entrepreneurs on work/life balance and how they manage business and downtime. Started with people I know in the online space, even my coaches, mentors and people I admire and think are stellar. I invited them and they all said yes. Even those who have never done a live interview (which is really a conversation) before. thank you, Gary Vaynerchuk. I guess you are my next invite! MariePiazzaTV. will share on youtube soon. One is greater than zero. priceless.

  8. A light in the darkness. These videos help so much to pull me out of the pits of depression and just giving up entirely on even the smallest goals. It's a service. Really.

  9. I return to this video several times a year, when I'm feeling like I'm not selling enough books, or that there aren't enough people coming to my events. It always reminds me, that this cold anonymous number that you see in your spreadsheets means that every single one of them is a person. A person that took the time to read my book and can potentially be influenced by it to create or to see just a detail in their lives differently. Thank you!

  10. One time I saw a mentor of mine changing a light bulb. I told him, "you don't have to do that, you shouldn't be doing that, I will do it." He looked at me and said, "sometimes being a leader is about changing the lightbulb." Changed my life.

  11. 0 > 1
    NUMBERS, because zero is literally the total of every positive & negative number! So ZERO IS THE INFINITE SUM OF ALL NUMBERS!
    And therefore 0 is the LARGEST number!!! No other number comes close!

    And ALSO…

    1 > 0
    Zero can equally be described accurately as the absence of any number.
    And so it's also true that 0 is the smallest number.

    So 0 > 1 AND 0 < 1 are both true!

    By comparison, all other real numbers are clones! …ZERO ROCKS!!!


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