Cardi B Shares ‘Freaky’ Valentine’s Day Plans with Offset

Cardi B Shares ‘Freaky’ Valentine’s Day Plans with Offset

Cardi B & Offset

Get Freaky on Valentine’s Day

… Our Love’s the S***!!!

2/15/2019 8:17 AM PST

Offset spoiled Cardi B on Valentine’s Day with lobster, steak, champagne and diamonds — but he also spoiled her attempt to drop a deuce! Yep, love stinks.

The Migos rapper spared no expense Thursday night, showering Cardi with TONS of gifts and romantic gestures. Fresh outta the doghouse … Offset set up a candlelit bathtub session, and had his wife dripping in diamonds — practically from head to toe.

But, the highlight of the night was Offset busting into the bathroom while Cardi attempted to, ummm … clear the decks. Offset made it clear … there was more than love in the air at that moment.

Check out the vid, ’cause in the end … everything ended up exactly as you’d think.

The rappers hit up a strip club for some more booty action. It’s kinda their thing.

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