Christmas Wrapping 2020 (All I Want For Christmas Is A Vaccine) Video | Haim

Christmas Wrapping 2020 (All I Want For Christmas Is A Vaccine) Video | Haim

Haim cap off a bumper year with the release of their latest single and video, ‘Christmas Wrapping 2020 (All I Want For Christmas Is A Vaccine)’. ‘Christmas Wrapping’ follows the release of their critically acclaimed third album, ‘Women In Music Pt.III’ this summer and the band’s recent hand in the success of Taylor Swift’s latest album ‘evermore’ by way of their duet on ‘no body, no crime’. 

The trio of harmonic siblings, Este, Alana and Danielle go a little off piste for their latest single release. They’ve enlisted the help of Thundercat on bass guitar and brought in actor and playwright Jeremy O. Harris to provide the lyrics. The song is largely based around The Waitresses ‘Christmas Wrapping’ song of 1981 and the score to accompany the vocal is largely unaltered. 

Lyrically the song has been re-written to include references to all of this years high and low lights. There’s a good deal of humour in HAIM’s take on The Waitresses favourite and the girls certainly look like they’ve had a blast shooting the video. The limited budget psychedelically oriented video has plenty going on as the girls sing and dance their way through it smiling as they go. 

There’s tongue-in-cheek moments and a lot of wry humour throughout with some great lyrical soundbites, “Oh no, Oh no, woke up this morning, thought I was still dreaming, album of the year nominees, seems like Jews are now mainstreaming”. Other references take in the Netflix series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, Biden/Harris, Tik Tok, Zoom and even Yentl hair styles courtesy of lockdown.

HAIM’s version of ‘Christmas Wrapping’ is definitely one that captures the year we’ve had very well. It’s a jolly surprise and a bit of light relief from all the seriousness. 

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