CJ Franco Modeling Fyre Festival Fails in Sexy Photo Shoot

CJ Franco Modeling Fyre Festival Fails in Sexy Photo Shoot

CJ Franco

Hotter Than Fyre

For Festival Fail Photos

2/26/2019 12:30 AM PST


It’s taken a couple of years, but something good is coming out of the Fyre Festival debacle … courtesy of CJ Franco, who’s showing us what could have been down in the Bahamas. 

The model slipped into a barely-there bikini for this super sexy photo shoot with Chris Applebaum … and their Fyre Fest theme has us hoping Ja Rule really can successfully pull off version 2.0.

Check out the gallery … CJ’s bringing back the festival’s infamous “gourmet” cheese sandwiches, and her shots with Evian water are guaranteed to make anyone thirsty. 

As you know … tons of people got burned by Billy McFarland‘s fraudulent festival, but CJ’s here to ease a bit of their pain. It’s not money in your pocket, but it’s the best we can do. 

You might remember CJ as the ex-GF of Kate Beckinsale‘s ex, Len Wiseman — or recognize her from this flaming hot shoot and her features in Maxim, FHM and GQ. 

Note to Ja Rule: make sure to get CJ on board for your hot model promo shoots when/if your Iconic Festival becomes a real thing

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