Don’t Be Dumb Video | Dizzee Rascal, Ocean Wisdom

Don’t Be Dumb Video | Dizzee Rascal, Ocean Wisdom

Dizzee Rascal has kicked off 2021 by premiering a video for his song, ‘Don’t Be Dumb’. The song is taken from his latest album, released in October of last year, ‘E3AF’, and features the talents of fellow Hip-Hop star, Ocean Wisdom.

Dizzee’s first album in more than three years was preceded by his single with Ella Eyre, ‘Body Loose’. Rascal’s return was full of his humour, full of his energy and was relatively light and easily accessible. Dizzee’s cheeky chappy persona was to the fore and it did what it said on the tin, “make ya body move, get ya body loose”.

Dizzee’s latest track, ‘Don’t Be Dumb’, is a darker track delivered at breakneck speed. The relentless pace of the vocals could give you motion sickness, they’re so fast. Both Dizzee Rascal and Ocean Wisdom spit their rhymes with such accuracy and in such a frenetic manner they impart more than 800 words over the course of three and a half minutes. 

The piano lead introduction is short lived as Dizzee and Ocean Wisdom (Or Dizzee and Wizzy as they’ve called themselves) go full pelt into the track, laying down their individual vocals with consummate skill.

“It’s Dizzee and Wizzy, we get hella busy. Every time we up on the riddim, we really belly. Touch road like a Pirelli with two shelly. Something ready to move heavy. Heavyweight, never debate, we never hesitate. Delegate, we in the game, them man never play. Imitate all that you want, you won’t elevate”. 

Dizzee and Wizzy’s video is similarly frantic with the pair singing out the song in some very surreal surroundings, including something that resembles a kids TV show set. Maybe there’s a Dizzee & Wizzy TV show about to happen?  

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