Drake’s Dad Bet On Toronto Raptors, Won $300,000!!

Drake’s Dad Bet On Toronto Raptors, Won $300,000!!

Drake’s Dad

I Won $300,000!!

… Betting On Raptors!

6/24/2019 7:14 AM PDT


You think Drake was happy when the Toronto Raptors won the NBA title? 

His dad was even HAPPIER — because Dennis Graham had $100,000 riding on the Raps … AND WON!!!

“I am the happiest guy in the world,” Dennis told us in Hollywood with 2 ladies on his arms.

“I bet $100,000 on the game and I won $300,000!!!”

You see this? Drake’s dad is RICH!!! (Okay, *more rich). PIMP HATS AND CHAINS FOR EVERYBODY!!!

There’s more … Dennis also has some advice for the Raptors when it comes to visiting Donald Trump — DON’T. He thinks the team should meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau instead. 

“Justin Trudeau is a much classier guy than that IDIOT Donald Trump,” Dennis says. 

Oh, and Dennis also explains why he wasn’t at the Raptors victory parade in Toronto — telling us he’s got big things in the works in Hollywood that took priority. 


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