Find My Way Video | Paul McCartney

Find My Way Video | Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney‘s new song, and video, are lifted from his latest album, ‘McCartney III’. Sir Paul didn’t plan on releasing his album this year but due to the circumstances enforced on him by the pandemic and various lockdowns, or “rockdown” as he’s coined it, he’s found the time to complete his trilogy. 

Starting fifty years ago with the release of his first solo album ‘McCartney’, ‘McCartney III’ marks the final part of the three part album series from the bona fide living legend. It would seem that the former Beatles and Wings front man, now 78 years of age, is possessed of more energy than people half his age. 

His eleven track album, delayed due to technical difficulties by a week, is a self produced affair from his Sussex studio. The anticipation of it’s arrival and subsequent release date even provoked Taylor Swift to bring forward the release of her latest album, ‘Evermore’, so as to avoid any clashes!

On his new song, ‘Find My Way’, McCartney plays all the instruments himself. This is captured expertly by director Roman Coppola (Yes Francis Ford Coppola’s son!) with no less than 46 cameras. McCartney is seen drumming, playing piano, his signature bass, guitar and harpsichord. 

McCartney’s performance of the song belays his years. His voice shows no signs of faltering and his enthusiasm is laudable. With ‘McCartney III’ Sir Paul seems to have found a new lease of life, clearly loving the process of writing and performing and at the same time delivering a timely gift to all of his millions of fans.

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