Flowers Video | Kelly Rowland

Flowers Video | Kelly Rowland

To coincide with the release of her six track EP, ‘K’, Kelly Rowland has shared a video for the lead track from it, ‘Flowers’. ‘K’, released on February 19th, also includes her previous 2021 single, ‘Black Magic’ as well as four others, ‘Hitman’, ‘Crazy’, ‘Speed Of Love’ and ‘Better’. 

‘K’ represents Kelly Rowland’s largest collection of songs since her 2013 album, ‘Talk A Good Game’, and comes just after a week since she celebrated her 40th birthday. The former Destiny’s Child superstar has also had another huge reason to celebrate in 2021 as she has just given birth to her second child, Noah. “A couple of months ago, I said I’ll have two births: the birth of the baby and the birth of an album” Rowland explained. Kelly went on to say, “Some songs I’ve had for years, some of the songs I’ve had for maybe a year or a couple of months, but it’s all come together so beautifully”.

‘Flowers’ is one of three new Kelly Rowland songs on her ‘K’ EP and is co-written with Sam Dew (Rihanna, Taylor Swift) and produced by Nez (ASAP Rocky, Vic Mensa). The slow and sultry song perfectly captures Kelly Rowland’s soulful and expressive vocals. Her emotive and subtly textured delivery sees Rowland hang on every note as she sings of her love and adoration. 

In the official video to accompany the song a heavily pregnant Kelly is dressed (For the most part) in a full length red dress, complete with a wide brimmed red hat and complimentary red feathers adorning the dress. She looks stunning in every shot as she moves with grace and elegance throughout the video. In the latter part of the shoot Kelly has a wardrobe change as she appears in a gold and midnight blue ensemble as beautifully choreographed dancers swirl around her. ‘Flowers’ really does see Rowland bloom in every respect. 

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