Floyd Mayweather Doubles Down on Gucci Despite Celebrity Attacks

Floyd Mayweather Doubles Down on Gucci Despite Celebrity Attacks

Floyd Mayweather

Doubles Down On Gucci …

Despite Celeb Attacks

2/15/2019 7:37 AM PST

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Floyd Mayweather will STILL not give up his Gucci — in fact, he rocked one of his expensive Gucci jackets on his jet Thursday night … despite being trashed by stars like 50 Cent and T.I.

The attacks on Mayweather have been brutal — besides 50 leading a social media smear campaign, T.I. also recorded an anti-Mayweather track called “F*ck N*gga.” 

Both stars are furious Mayweather won’t join the Gucci boycott after the apparel giant released a sweater many are calling “racist” because it appears to be blackface

Floyd shot down the boycott earlier this week and dropped a TON of cash at the Bev Hills Gucci store — which really pissed off T.I. and 50. 

This new footage showing Mayweather rocking Gucci on his plane ain’t gonna make things any better between the two sides. Guessing he’ll continue to rock the brand during his stint in North Carolina.

François-Henri Pinault — the guy who runs Gucci’s parent company Kering — tried to explain to reporters how the sweater actually made it to market. 

“We didn’t understand the sensitivities of the African-American community, which is reflected in that mistake,” Pinault told the media … “We can’t be content with saying we’re sorry.”

Pinault also says he will also push for more cultural sensitivity training with Gucci employees. 

Meanwhile, 50 dropped a new Mayweather attack on Instagram early Friday morning. This thing ain’t going away any time soon … 

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