Forget Me Too ft. Halsey Video | Machine Gun Kelly

Forget Me Too ft. Halsey Video | Machine Gun Kelly

We didn’t think it was possible that Machine Gun Kelly could stray any further into the pop-punk culture of the mid-2000s, but that was before we saw the video for his track ‘Forget Me Too’ featuring Halsey and Blink-182’s Travis Barker.

Everything from the motorbike; the pink electric guitar; Halsey’s get-up of knee-high boots, tartan mini and too much eyeliner is so unashamedly ’00s that we can’t help but love everything about this video. The nostalgia is palpable.

The track features on MGK’s fifth album ‘Tickets to My Downfall’, which became his first US number one upon its release in September, and even reached number 3 in the UK. It’s a stark departure from the rap ethos of 2019’s ‘Hotel Diablo’; his well-documented rivalry with Eminem now, it seems, long forgotten.

But even in the ‘Hotel Diablo’ days, Machine Gun Kelly had been flirting with the idea of a rock direction, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Yungblud and Travis Barker who co-featured on the song ‘I Think I’m Okay’, as well as Bert McCracken of The Used who would go on to appear on ‘Body Bag’ from the “Sold Out” Deluxe edition of ‘Tickets to My Downfall’. 

That same deluxe edition featured a cover of Paramore’s 2007 hit ‘Misery Business’, in case you had any doubt as to the potency of the pop-punk vibe on this record.

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