Girlfriend Video | Rebecca Black

Girlfriend Video | Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black kicks off 2021 with ‘Girlfriend’, her first single release since last September’s ‘Ven Dimelo (Love Is Love)’ with Dani Ride. The Californian YouTuber and singer who went viral with her song ‘Friday’ almost a decade ago is back with a pure Pop tune about getting reacquainted with a former girlfriend.

Black, still only 23, is in no mood to be messed with or talked out of her decision, she’s tried the taste of being on the rebound and now wants her ex back, “Friends think I’m naive, I don’t care what they say, Cuz I’m not listening, Need you like I need to breathe, Never liked the chase much anyway.”

The video to accompany Black’s latest single is co-directed by Mike Williams and Rebecca herself and sees the singer rolling amongst the balloons on the dance floor, in a gold lame suit and platform heels, as well as taking to the stage in an off the shoulder smoky pink dress and matching elbow length silk gloves. As the performance pans out and Rebecca sings “I’m getting back with my girlfriend, Ready to dive in the deep end” a simultaneous part of the video shows Black prepping for a picnic in the park. “This time it’s gonna be different” she affirms. 

The blue bobbed singer looks truly delighted as the Girlfriend of the story arrives, barely able to contain herself. With a beaming smile on her face Black swaps the glamour of the dance hall for an intimate picnic in the park and the pleasure it brings them both could not be more obvious as they enjoy each others company once again. 

It’s great to see that Rebecca Black has proved her detractors wrong, has overcome the anxiety she felt for years after she released ‘Friday’ when she was only 13, and great to see that she is now more positive and self assured than ever before. 

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