GNAT Video | Eminem |

GNAT Video | Eminem |

On the same day that Eminem releases an upgraded version of his ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ album he’s also uploaded a video for ‘GNAT’. The new album, ‘Side B (Deluxe Edition)’, that now features his new track is a 36 song, two hour, monster. Eminem has book-ended the year with both versions of his latest album, having released the original back in January.

Fresh from his recent collaboration with Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre and DMX, Slim Shady is all about capturing 2020 in all it’s horrific glory. His latest track is centred around CoVID19, Trump, virus transmission, Mike Pence, antipsychotic drugs and a little bizarrely, Marilyn Monroe. 

As ever Eminem is not short of a few words, rarely taking a moment to gather breath. His rhymes are as inspired and blackly comic as ever and his pace of delivery never waivers as he gives his take on the Coronavirus pandemic. “Another 14 day quarantine, they’re cordoning off everything, this s**t looking like a horror scene, like me metaphorically”.

In the video our fully bearded protagonist is seen in everything from a washing machine through to a hospital gown and a yellow HazMat suit. At one point he even appears as a Jarvis Cocker look-a-like although I think he’s aiming for a professor or CoVID expert. Bats fly around as Eminem spits his rhymes, all the time getting more and more frantic as the song builds and builds. 

Eminem’s last few verses are as intense as they come and delivered at 100mph. The relentless stream of lyrical expression is an impressive outpouring from Marshall Mathers, marking a very individual and creative take on the global pandemic. 

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