Godfrey Thinks Drake Should Sit Down & Shut Up for NBA Finals

Godfrey Thinks Drake Should Sit Down & Shut Up for NBA Finals


Yo, Drizzy …

Sit Down & Shut Up When Courtside

6/1/2019 2:08 PM PDT


Drake really oughta zip his lid and take a seat when he’s hangin’ courtside for the NBA Finals, ’cause his attempts to troll opposing teams aren’t even top-notch … so says Godfrey.

The comedian laid into Champagne Papi Friday outside the Gotham Comedy Club in NYC, where he told us point blank … Drake needs to sit down and relax when he’s rooting for the Raptors. His rationale — he thinks Drizzy’s trying too hard to be cool and seen.

ICYMI … Drake and Warriors forward, Draymond Green, had what appeared to be a heated exchange at the end of game 1 Thursday as the Dubs made their way back to the locker room upon losing. It’s unclear exactly what was said, but Drake seemed to call Dray “trash.” 

As far as Godfrey’s concerned, Drake should take some cues from another hip-hop heavyweight who tends to behave himself when he goes to the big games. Any guesses???

More importantly, Godfrey doesn’t even consider Drake to be one of the all-time great celebrity sports trolls — comparing him to greats like Spike Lee and Jack Nicholson … as well as the king of trolls, regardless of context. Bottom line for Godfrey … tone it down, brah.

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