Golden Video | Harry Styles

Golden Video | Harry Styles

Harry Styles treats us to his latest official video, ‘Golden’, with a sun-soaked and at times very athletic coastal road trip. The former One Direction global superstar returns with a video to accompany the lead track off his 2019 ‘Fine Line’ album and follow up his huge hits, ‘Adore You’ and ‘Watermelon Sugar’.

Harry is seen running, wildly and almost out of control at times, down some Mediterranean tree-lined paths, through tunnels and then onto the open road as footage shifts between him running, driving in his convertible and swimming in his trunks. There is also a brief moment where he is seen sporting a rather fetching, iconic, yellow fisherman’s hat! With his shirt open and flailing as he runs his tattoos are exposed and his foppish hair bounces like it were in a shampoo commercial; no doubt to the delight of his innumerable fans. And all this whilst never becoming breathless, or maybe that’s in the edit?

‘Golden’ may not have quite the enormous appeal of ‘Watermelon Sugar’ but it is yet another strong release and further cements Styles as a genuine, solo pop star. The revolving rhythms of his latest release compliment the effortlessness of the sing-along-song. The playful, light hearted nature of the tune is realised in this official video from Ben and Gabe Turner.

Styles, channelling a latter day Audrey Hepburn, shows off himself, and the gorgeous Amalfi Coast as he swooshes and swirls his way along the panoramic backdrop, singing as he goes. With a pulsating beat, a killer hook and some deft cinematography, ‘Golden’ sees Harry Styles shine. 

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