Happier Video | Ed Sheeran

Happier Video | Ed Sheeran

We seriously don’t know whether to laugh or cry at Ed Sheeran‘s latest video. It accompanies his latest single ‘Happier’, and all the characters are puppets of some description.

Ed Sheeran’s puppet mourns the loss of a lover who is made of balloons and has found love again in an Elmo-like character. Puppet-Ed is heartbroken to see her so happy, when he knows he could never make her smile like that. He dreams of beating up the puppet that replaced him, and promises to be there for her if he breaks her heart. Indeed, the Elmo-esque puppet carelessly lets go of balloon-lady, leaving her to drift into the heavens. Poor, poor puppet-Ed.

The song is the fifth single from the album ‘Divide’. It has been co-written by Ryan Tedder and Benjamin Levin, and produced by Benny Blanco. There’s no ambiguity about what the song’s about; it explores his feelings from a relationship he had at school, the initial feeling of bitterness when she ended up with someone else, and the later epiphany when he realised how happier she was with the new guy.

Ed previously revealed that his first album, ‘+ (Plus)’, and most of the second, ‘X (Multiply)’, was about this girl. Though, of course, the majority of ‘Divide’ is all about his current fiancee Cherry Seaborn.

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