Hey Boy (feat. Burna Boy) Video | Sia

Hey Boy (feat. Burna Boy) Video | Sia

“Fall in love (and into another dimension) with the video for “Hey Boy” ft. Burna Boy” reads Sia‘s latest post for her new track. ‘Hey Boy’ is taken from Sia’s hotly anticipated feature film, ‘Music’. Sia has directed the new musical film as well as co-written it with children’s author Dallas Clayton, best known for his children’s picture book, ‘An Awesome Book!’. 

Sia’s movie stars none other than Kate Hudson, Maddie Ziegler and Leslie Odom Jr. and was shot in 2017, with Sia also writing the songs. The Australian singer-songwriter and director became interested in directing after acknowledging that she’d been “pretty good” when she’d done the video for her huge 2014 song ‘Chandelier’.

‘Music’, with a final budget that went up from an initial $4 million to $16 million, is on another level altogether from her directorial debut and marks a turning point for Sia. The film has so far given up two of the ten tracks that Sia has written for the film, with ‘Courage To Change’ being released in September and lead single ‘Together’ being released in May of last year.

‘Hey Boy’ makes this the third track from Sia’s ambitious, visually stunning film about autism that is due to get it’s official global release in February after already receiving it’s premier in Australia. The video to accompany the song is an arresting animation of a highly stylised Sia. She’s an amalgamation of Morticia Addams, Jessica Rabbit and Kylie Minogue, and ‘she’ looks fabulous!

The film itself is receiving mixed reviews but at least the songs that are contained within it, including this one, and the set pieces that they have contrived to deliver up are very good stand alone pieces. 

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