Holidays Ft. Earth, Wind And Fire Video | Meghan Trainor

Holidays Ft. Earth, Wind And Fire Video | Meghan Trainor

From ‘A Very Trainor Christmas’ comes Meghan Trainor‘s latest release, and very festive video, ‘Holidays’. Meghan released her seasonal, eighteen track, album relatively early on October 30th but she is now making the most of it as she goes all out to celebrate the festive season.

Joined by the legendary R&B band Earth, Wind & Fire, both for the song and for the video, Meghan couldn’t be more Christmassy if she tried. She’s seen boxed up as a present, dressed with a massive ruby red bow over her black evening dress and liberally applied with smaller gift bows all over her face as she sings and dances.

The stage is similarly festooned with giant baubles, disco balls, toy soldiers and dancers dressed in complimentary red bowed outfits. Earth, Wind & Fire are slightly more conservative in their choice of holiday attire but still look resplendent in their sparkly jackets as they provide a great soundtrack to Meghan’s vocal. 

The succinct, snappy song itself is jolly enough and full of happy holiday spirit. There’s plenty of glitter, plenty of glitz and even a tiny puppy to bring forth the Christmas spirit. “Even if you dance alone, You deserve a cheers, ‘Cause you been workin’ way too long” Meghan sings and you can’t help but to be buoyed by her infectious, positive attitude.

The ‘All About The Bass Star’ is now all about Christmas, all about bringing a smile to your face and all about having a festive celebration. It certainly set to be ‘A Very Trainor Christmas’. 

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