I’m Workin Ft. Jorja Smith Video | Giggs

I’m Workin Ft. Jorja Smith Video | Giggs

After the surprise release of his 16 track mix-tape, ‘Now Or Never’, earlier this month Giggs drops another surprise on the last Sunday afternoon in November by way of the official video for ‘I’m Workin’. The track is lifted from the mix-tape and features the formidable talents of Jorja Smith. 

The Peckham rapper and the Walsall singer-songwriter make for a winning combination on Giggs latest release. Giggs is clearly having a pop at his detractors, back stabbers and all the negative haters out there as he affirms his intent and his steadfastness. 

The two distinctly different vocal styles combine to offer up something quite special. Whilst Giggs is to the point and unembellished, Jorja is soulful and extended in her delivery. She hangs on every note ensuring you appreciate each second of her sublime vocal. 

Giggs appears to be reflective and somewhat resigned. He’s frustrated both in the song and on the video and this theme is carried through as Jorja shares his exasperation. “This last supper had me hanging out with Judas and crew, at least they said the thank you’s when I paid for the bill”. 

In the video for the song, directed by Otis Dominique, Giggs looks like he’s in a well to do leafy London suburb. Driving his black Range Rover and smartly dressed in all black he could be mistaken for a latter day Milk Tray man. He enters a house through an already open door, sits briefly and then moves on, only to pass Jorja in the hall as she exits the same house on her way out. 

The shots flit back and forth between Giggs and Jorja as they take up each vocal part, Giggs at home annoyed, Jorja out with friends but equally vexed.

The video captures the mood of the song deftly and ensures that the inciteful song does not get lost in the meantime. 

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