Jacquees Drops $100k for Mom’s Wedding Gift, Literally

Jacquees Drops $100k for Mom’s Wedding Gift, Literally


Drops $100k for Mom’s Wedding Gift

… Quite Literally

12/9/2018 6:36 PM PST

Jacquees gave his mom one hell of a wedding gift in the form of a hundred grand — and by give, we mean drop … as in he dropped it all over the place. 

The Cash Money crooner was celebrating his mother’s nuptials Sunday at the Chateau Elan Winery & Resort in Braselton, GA — where he got on the mic and expressed his love for his mama bear, Rosie Broadnax, and then proceeded to gift her $100,000 … cash. 

Jacquees made a bit of a show by walking out to the middle of the floor and emptying out a Louis Vuitton duffel bag full of Benjamins. It poured for a minute and bills were kinda scattered everywhere. Everyone was in awe, of course … but mostly Rosie.

It’s not the first time’s Jacquees has balled out for his ma before — he’s gotten her some pretty sweet gifts on her birthday … and seems pretty tight with her in general.

Can’t accuse the guy of not having his priorities straight by taking care of the woman who brought him into this world — but some advice for ya Jacquees … maybe consider a wire transfer next time? You’re less likely to lose track of a stack or two that way. Just sayin’.

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