Jar Jar Jr | Free Parking on Sundays EP Review

Jar Jar Jr | Free Parking on Sundays EP Review

Irish beatmaker jar jar jr returns to the airwaves with a new EP guaranteed to lower your blood pressure. The Corkonian has been busy these past few years, making ethereal splice packs as well as racking up collaborations with the likes of Looms, Kojaque and Gaptoof. Free Parking on Sundays documents the artist’s departure from the sample-heavy remixes as heard on his 2018 release Fallen Angel, but the influence of artists such as MF DOOM and A Tribe Called Quest are no less present. 

Jar Jar Jr Free Parking on Sundays EP

It seems the artist is looking both backwards and forwards, retaining vibrant melodies and lo-fi aesthetics whilst simultaneously asserting his originality. The EP oozes with flavours of hip hop, jazz and funk; combined together, the producer creates a collection of dreamy slow-burner grooves. 

As seen on RadioJuicy’s website, jar jar jr adds even more texture to the EP stating that each track documents “the critical stages of thought that ensue following a heavy Saturday night.” Yet, rather than headaches and nausea, Free Parking on Sundays is a languorous sunny morning with flowy synths and jovial beats. Before you know it, you’re body-rolling and head-bopping on the streets of Cork. 

Special mention goes to ‘Quandary on Wandesford Quay’ for its jazz inspired drums at the beginning (definitely my tempo) followed by soulful melodies and mellow piano. Similarly, shout out to the buttery seismic synths that creep in and out of ‘Earthed’. This last track leaves us with the wisdom that “navel gazing is healthy, but not too much. So be kind to yourself and learn from mistakes.” Amen brother! The perfect finale for a fragile Sunday morning and I can’t wait to do it all over again next weekend.

Jar jar jr’s raw sound takes centre stage in this new EP. Free Parking on Sundays moves in a different direction and I can’t wait to hear where the artist takes us next.  

Claire Hamilton

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