Jared Leto Orders Concert Security to Stop Pummeling Fan

Jared Leto Orders Concert Security to Stop Pummeling Fan

Jared Leto

Quit Abusing Our Fans, Security!!!

12/7/2018 7:13 AM PST

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Jared Leto wasn’t having it when a bunch of security guards roughed up a Thirty Seconds to Mars fan — in fact, he stopped his concert to make ’em chill out.

Jared’s band was playing Thursday night in Sacramento when he spotted an apparent beatdown in progress. Watch the video … Jared was right in the middle of a song when he brought the concert to a screeching halt and went OFF on security.

You can see Jared’s frustration … he told the band to wait several times, repeatedly yelled for the crew to turn on the lights. He said there were 7 security guards on top of one fan — “ridiculous” in Jared’s opinion.

He told security to quit being so aggressive and stop escalating the situation. He made a crack about the security and, without skipping a beat, went back to the set.

So, what triggered security to rush the fan? We’re told it happened moments after Jared told the crowd to rush the stage … with some successfully getting onstage with Jared. The guy pummeled by security tried getting onstage but security stopped him … violently, in Jared’s eyes, anyway.

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