Last Breath Video | Ane Brun

Last Breath Video | Ane Brun

On the day after she released her latest album, ‘How Beauty Holds The Hand Of Sorrow’, Ane Brun has premiered it’s opening track together with an artfully shot monochrome video. 2020 has been a year that has seen Brun release thirteen singles and now two albums, and we’ve still got December to go! ‘How Beauty Holds The Hand Of Sorrow’, a lyric from ‘Last Breath’, is Brun’s follow up to October’s thirteen track album, ‘After The Great Storm’ and represents her tenth studio album to date. 

Ane Brun’s latest single is a beautifully crafted piano ballad with an additional cello and violin lead score that serves as a great platform for Brun’s distinctive and stunning voice. The Norwegian singer, who you may know best for her cover of ‘All My Tears’ that was played out over the ‘Peaky Blinders’ credits, has been producing such ethereal work nearly all century and ‘Last Breathe’ is another tenderly sung, emotive piece.

Brun’s ability to make you wait, to hold the suspense and to build the desire within a song is nothing new for her, some of the dead air can at times seem excruciating. The first time you hear, ‘I Would Hurt A Fly’, for instance you could be forgiven for thinking you had it on the wrong speed, but just as she did with that song Brun has made a similar decision here and the wait is definitely more than worth it.

‘Last Breathe’ is a stunning track that showcases both Brun’s fantastic songwriting ability but also her completely compelling, captivating and individual voice. The song’s music was written with Johan Lindström, whilst the lyrics were written by Brun herself. Both are equally well conceived with Ane taking centre stage initially and then Lindström closing out the song with an incredible string arrangement. 

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