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Loneliness Video | Birdy | Contactmusic.com

After releasing her first single of 2021 last month, Birdy has quickly followed it up with her latest, ‘Loneliness’. Keeping the momentum going ahead of her album release in April, Birdy has now delivered two gorgeous singles in quick succession.

With her fourth album, ‘Young Heart’, now on the horizon the still relatively young (24 years old) songstress is once again stamping her mark on the incredibly over populated area of music in which she excels. There are many singer-songwriters who choose to dwell in Folk’s tender and emotive territory but few who manage to actually make it their own. Birdy is one such artist, she doesn’t over do the sentimentality or the emotion but she does deliver an extraordinarily good song and plenty of great stories along the way. 

‘Loneliness’, her latest single, is no less powerful than any of her previous tracks and carries with it such understated elegance. Birdy sings of waiting and dreaming of love on her new track as vocal layers and beautiful harmonies mingle with softly played guitar and piano. 

Her new song is accompanied by another great video, shot once again as ‘Surrender’ was, by Grammy Award winner (Annie Lennox’s 1992 Diva video album) Sophie Muller. Birdy said via her Twitter account, “this video was so special to create, we had the idea of making it in reverse which meant learning and performing the song backwards. The official video for my new single ‘Loneliness’ is out nowww, directed by the amazing Sophie Muller.”

The deliberately gloomy looking video is shot in a stark, desolate and unloved environment where the paper and paint are pealing off the walls. Birdy looks in despair as she sings of missing the dark and losing her mind, all the time performing her part in reverse for the layered video. Both the song and the video are sourced from rich seams of creation that have stemmed from  great talent. 

Birdy says, “It’s been a long journey bringing this album to life, it’s definitely my favourite so far and every part of my little soul has gone into making it! Well, we can’t wait to hear it all.

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