Lose Your Head Video | London Grammar

Lose Your Head Video | London Grammar

With their new album only a month away London Grammar have released another track from it entitled ‘Lose Your Head’. The band’s third album, ‘Californian Soil’, has already given up it’s title track as well as the lead single ‘Baby It’s You’, both of which are included on their latest release, but ‘Lose Your Head’ marks London Grammar’s first single of 2021, and their first since October last year. 

‘Californian Soil’ is London Grammar’s first album in three and a half years and follows up the seminal ‘Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’, an album that contained the flawless opening track, ‘Rooting For You’. Trying to repeat the striking magnificence of either of the first two London Grammar albums was always going to be difficult but having heard the first three singles you’d have to say they are just about to do that.

The band themselves have said that ‘Californian Soil’ has marked a “turning point” for them and lead singer Hannah Reid has said about the album, “This record is about gaining possession of my own life”, it’s about taking back control. The new twelve track album, which sees the band take a slight shift in their sound, is due to be released on February 12th.

‘Lose Your Head’, track four on the album, is a light and airy number, focusing heavily on Hannah’s ethereal voice but using more of a Trip-Hop beat. The delicate percussive score that relies to a large degree on a repeated clapping sequence marries up well with the angelic keys as Reid vocalises. The track builds throughout, latterly referencing a retro 80’s EDM synth sequence to help close out the song.     

In the video that has been released to accompany the new track Hannah is seen sailing across a silken ocean dressed in a full length silver sequined dress, stepping off the bow to walk on water. As the song gains it’s momentum Reid gets into increasing difficulty as she simultaneously sings out “What a way to go to bed, what a way to lose your head”. What a way to set us up for the new album, we can’t wait.  

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