mars Video | Yungblud |

mars Video | Yungblud |

Yungblud has released his latest single, ‘mars’, ahead of the delayed album release for ‘Weird’ that had to be put back from early November to December 4th. ‘Weird’ will be YUNGBLUD’s second full length album following his 2018 debut, ’21st Century Liability’.

The young Yorkshire man has had a busy year so far either contributing to various singles or putting out his own. Having already released 5 singles from the twelve track album, including this latest one, Dominic is leaving less and less to the imagination. No matter, it’s the quality of the song not the date it was released that should count and ‘mars’ is certainly among the best he’s put out so far this year. 

The story of the young seventeen year old girl with her dreams and ever evolving aspirations are a short teen drama played out across the back drop of unsupportive parents and misplaced therapy. No wonder YUNGBLUD featured on the ’13 Reasons Why’ soundtrack, they were made for each other clearly.

Having symbolically put the first part of his musical career behind him when he burned the straight jacket from the ’21st Century Liability’ album cover in July this year, YUNGBLUD is looking forward. ‘mars’ has just as much of the raw power of ‘Strawberry Lipstick’, the song that drew a close to his liability era, and none of the playfulness of his Denzel Curry collaboration, ‘Lemonade’, but it also has immediacy, connectivity, plenty of lyrical soundbites and one killer chorus.  

The video for the song is very intense indeed and packs a real punch. YUNGBLUD and a select bunch of extras sing the song to camera as they get more and more animated and agitated throughout. The song coupled with the images bring an extra dimension to the power of the song and underline the frustration of the song’s lead character to great effect. 

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