Mathew Knowles to Kobe Bryant, I’ll ‘Kick Your Ass’ Again!

Mathew Knowles to Kobe Bryant, I’ll ‘Kick Your Ass’ Again!

Mathew Knowles

To Kobe Bryant …

I’ll ‘Kick Your Ass’ Again!!!

4/12/2019 11:33 AM PDT


Mathew Knowles says he BALLED UP Kobe Bryant when they faced off in some 1-on-1 twenty years ago … and he’ll gladly kick Kobe’s ass again if Mamba wants to run it back!!!

We spoke with Beyonce‘s dad after he unearthed video from the set of the Destiny’s Child “Bug A Boo” video — where he took on Kobe while wearing dress pants, dress shoes and a Polo shirt. 

Mathew actually got a bucket on Kobe — and Knowles says it was ALL SKILL, BABY!!!

“He was talking a lot of trash,” Mathew says … joking that Kobe was trying to show out to impress all of the beautiful women on the set that day. 

But, Knowles says he’s a former basketball player himself — played at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga — and shocked Kobe with his hoop skills. 

The best part … Mathew says he’s still in shape, still got skills and would WRECK Kobe if Mamba wanted a rematch. 

“I told you I can play some ball! 20 years later, I could still take Kobe to the hoop!”

“Kobe, I just want to let you know bruh, I think you are one of the greatest — if not the greatest basketball player ever.”

“It was a privilege to kick your ass and I’ll do it again.”

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