Monster Ft. Justin Bieber Video | Shawn Mendes

Monster Ft. Justin Bieber Video | Shawn Mendes

A few weeks ahead of the release of his first album in a couple of years, Shawn Mendes teams up with Justin Bieber on his new single and video, ‘Monster’. Having already given us a glimpse, in October this year, of what to expect from his new material on the album’s title track and first single ‘Wonder’, Mendes shares his latest creation. 

‘Wonder’ was an impassioned exploration into the what’s if’s and maybe world, where anything is possible, and love conquers all. ‘Monster’, a joint affair with the seemingly ever busy Justin Bieber, is more of a conversational piece with exchanges going back and forth between our two protagonists. Ironically, there are still plenty of what if scenarios here too, as if the duo were in some way under performing in life. (Heaven help the rest of us!)

Mendes is seen walking through a tree lined street to a clearing under misty skies as the video unfolds. “You put me on a pedestal and tell me I’m the best” he sings, as if critical of the praise he has been afforded. Questioning his own ability to uphold his status he goes on, “But what if I, what if I trip, what if I fall, then am I the monster?” Is it a lack of confidence, a bout of self pity or just an existential ponderance? 

Atop a monolithic white cube Mendes sings alone until Bieber, in his customary orange beanie hat, joins him in the mist to muse on his adoration. “I had a chip on my shoulder, had to let it go, ’cause unforgiveness keeps them in control” JB sings. The pair sing back to back, struggling with their inner conflicts, as lightning strikes above them and they continue to worry about being a disappointment. With all the things there are to trouble you in the world at the moment gentlemen, I don’t think that you should be overly concerned to be honest!  

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