Music News: Becky G: “When I Sing in Spanish, it’s So Natural” | Billboard

Music News: Becky G: “When I Sing in Spanish, it’s So Natural” | Billboard

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Becky G discusses being a crossover artist, shifting from singing in English to Spanish. Check out more Becky G from Billboard’s Latin Connection podcast:

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21 Replies to “Music News: Becky G: “When I Sing in Spanish, it’s So Natural” | Billboard”

  1. Tonta la beckyg piensa que en Mexico solo oimos regional mexicano y ella
    Como nacio y vivio en california pudo tener la
    Oportunidad de escuchar mucho mas musica y artistas!
    Pendejaaa eso es lo que pasa cuando no sabes nada de Mexico!!! Aqui escuchamos desde los rolligstones hasta los tigres del Norte de Mariah Carey hasta paquita la de barrio!! Tanto nos consideras ignorantes pinche enana de cuarta!!!! Canta ingles haber si tienes publico jajaja ni mais pendeja

  2. Osea no sabe hablar español y se considera mexicana??? No mames billboard pq generaliza?! Ella no es 100% mexicana no a vivido en Mexico nunca como
    Para poder decir que es mexicana!

  3. the only Mexican I know that is having success with the reggaeton is Maite Perroni she is 100% Mexican!! do you even know what Regional Mexican is?! Regional Mexican is that you were born, raised, breath, sweat Mexico! You know the culture you represent its flag !! You havent lived in Mexico you have love of fame and Money thats why you’re singing in spanish!! If they make you choose between Mexico and the USA you will choose USA! Selena was a different us Mexican we dont consider her Mexican she was American but she did have love for Mexico thats why she sang our rhythms you… you are just a manufactured midget by Jlo! Stop saying that you are Mexican your roots are mexican! Chinga tu madre enena que nada original traes a la musica nos ofendes a los mexicanos diciendo que eres mexicana!!!

  4. This girl considers herself regional mexican?!?! when she doesn’t even celebrate el grito de la independencia she celebrates the 4th of July, she doesn’t know what gorditas or baliados are! She knows what tacobell is!! Please Becky G dont consider yourself Mexican cause you are NOT!! You dont know anything about our culture!

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