Music News: Cheryl & Jay of Bucks Fizz I Interview I

Music News: Cheryl & Jay of Bucks Fizz I Interview I

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Cheryl Baker and Jay Aston formerly of Bucks Fizz interviewed by editor – Marco Gandolfi – on June 21st in North London.

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  1. Adam Ant (the other big love of pop life) said the same about vinyl which is why he released his come back album of 2011 on vinyl. I love vinyl too- it sound much better. (I was born in 1982 but consider myself an 80's girl.)

  2. After all the um, stuff, they've been through, this is good to see. Looking forward to hearing some new things, even though I'm over across the water, where, almost criminally, this group did not get their due. Love both their choices, and yes, the music is fantastic. A couple of their CD's have already made it over to the American Midwest, and more may be. Love both Cheryl and Jay (and yes, Shelley when she was there), and admire Mike's comeback from his injuries. And, yes, the new Bobby's good, based on a couple of clips I've seen here.

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