Music News: Early Release! Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 August 18th 2018 Countdown | Official

Music News: Early Release! Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 August 18th 2018 Countdown | Official

Latest Music News:

An early release of the August 18th, 2018 Billboard Hot 100 Top 10. Watch and find out who is No. 1!

Check back every Monday for more Billboard’s Hot 100 Top 10 countdown.

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41 Replies to “Music News: Early Release! Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 August 18th 2018 Countdown | Official”

  1. 10. Nice way to say goodbye, being in the last spot.
    8. I mean, why is this even in the top?
    7. Still my jam! 😀
    6. This one should've risen this week.
    5. Nicki, I'm just going to stream other songs of yours. I can't with this one.
    4. Flopping next week.
    3. Just when I started to like it, it drops 🙁
    1. Stop blocking #1!!!!!!!!!!!! It's earworming me though.

  2. My opinion
    10: Good Song but it's time to leave 8/10
    9:Ug 0/10
    8:Decent 4/10
    7:Catchly 8/10
    6:Ok 7/10
    5:Decent 4/10
    4:Decent 1/10
    3:Good but it's time to leave 9/10
    2:Yessss it's rising 10/10
    1:Good 7/10

  3. Shitttt….NO BRAINER dropout why?? Fucking TRAVIS after VMAs performances ill expect this songs inside top 10

    -GIRLS LIKE U #1
    -FEFE #1

  4. 4 artists has debuted multiple songs in top 10 since 2017!!What artists like michael jackson , elvis and mariah couldnt achieve in hot 100's 60 year history , 4 artists have achieved in these 2 years!! you must change equivalent units of streaming!!

  5. 10. She can sing like no one else in this top 10. Too bad the production is boring and doesn't allow her to have any vocal inflection to make the song interesting (6/10)
    9. Generic af (3/10)
    8. Issa vibe. The ad-libs make the song (7/10)
    7. Catchy, good beat, relatively good vocals (8/10)
    6. Top 3 off of Beerbongs & Bentleys. Thank God for Post Malone (10/10)
    5. Effortless trash. Literally. (1/10)
    4. Good vocal performances, flawless intro. Wish that beat lasted the whole song tbh (7/10)
    3. The features and the overall sound ruin it for me. The sample is used flawlessly and Cardi is good enough. Too bad I don't like the way it sounds. (4/10)
    2. Trash tailor-made for the radio (2/10)
    1. Catchy hook but the song as a whole is all over the place and incoherent (4/10)

    Just my opinions of course

  6. hip hop lords it over the hot 100…for now i prefer the uk singles for its happy diversity as always but it could change if they heavily factor in hip hop-dominated streaming…

  7. Lol I lowkey love seeing "pop-heads" mad the charts are filled with hip hop and r&b. Its finally showing what people actually listen to and not what the radio shoves down your throat through payola. Though its not the purest form of hip hop, its hip hop regardlesss. Long Live The Culture.

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