Music News: Early Release! Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 June 9th 2018 Countdown | Official

Music News: Early Release! Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 June 9th 2018 Countdown | Official

Latest Music News:

An early release of the June 9th, 2018 Billboard Hot 100 Top 10. Watch and find out who is No. 1!

Check back every Monday for more Billboard’s Hot 100 Top 10 countdown.

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23 Replies to “Music News: Early Release! Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 June 9th 2018 Countdown | Official”

  1. I kinda saw this on my list & I lend time to watch it cause I thought BTS will slay it again & it just made me sad because they didn't. it will be nice though if all army's will cooperate? common pple! common army's!! we can do it! FIGHTING

  2. Prediction for today…

    10. In My Blood (+1)
    09. Lucid Dreams (+6)
    08. Boo'd Up (=)
    07. Girls Like You (+87)
    06. The Middle (=)
    05. I Like It (+2)
    04. God's Plan (-1)
    03. This Is America (+1)
    02. Nice For What (-1)
    01. Psycho (+1)

  3. Tommorrow :

    1. Psycho (+1)
    2. Nice For What (-1)
    3. I Like It (+4)
    4. God's Plan (-1)
    5. This Is America (-1)
    6. Bood'Up (+2)
    7. The Middle (-2)
    8. Yes Indeed (-2)
    9. Lucid Dreams (+6)
    10. All Mine (HOT SHOT DEBUT)

  4. Next Week

    1. Psycho
    2. Nice For What
    3. I like It
    4. Gods Plan
    5. Girls Like You
    6. The Middle
    7. Boo’d Up
    8. Yes Indeed
    9. This Is America
    10. Meant To Be

    Let’s see if I get them right…
    Let me know if you agree or disagree with my guesses…

  5. As an ARMY, I would like to thank EVERYONE hating BTS in the comment section. You are the best! You give us motivation to work hard for BTS. I hope you can understand that BTS does not deserve the hates you are giving to them and you might think writing this paragraph is ridiculous but as a fan, this one of our priorities, to protect our idols. I would hate it for BTS to see these kind of things as they are still growing up and they are humans and they have feelings. I don't want them to be negative. I just want them to be happy.

    I don't understand why you are all hating on them but on the other artists, you don't. Is it because BTS fans kept on commenting about them? If it is, this is just because they just want BTS to fulfill their dreams. BTS is starting to gain more and more popularity now which means there will be more fans and more haters. I understand why you might hate them as they are "different" but if you are one of these people who are close minded or are racist, you are clearly missing out on a a lot of things.

    BTS' music relates to everyone that's why they have a lot of fans. They're hardships have strengthen their fandom and made people to stay with them as they felt like they have a purpose now. BTS is from one of the smallest companies in South Korea and seeing how much they have worked hard for this amount of progress is truly amazing. We are just being proud of them. Sorry if you found us annoying but I'm afraid we cannot stop this as we just like to show everyone how far they have come when in the first place we thought it was impossible. But clearly their quote of "Team work makes the dream work" made it possible.

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