Music News: Early Release! Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 May 19th 2018 Countdown | Official

Music News: Early Release! Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 May 19th 2018 Countdown | Official

Latest Music News:

An early release of the May 19th, 2018 Billboard Hot 100 Top 10. Watch and find out who is No. 1!

Check back every Monday for more Billboard’s Hot 100 Top 10 countdown.

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41 Replies to “Music News: Early Release! Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 May 19th 2018 Countdown | Official”

  1. Listen to the new single by CHRISTINA AGUILERA FEAT. DEMI LOVATO – FALL IN LINE.. it has so many powerful messages, an anthem, empowerment. And Clean Bandit Feat. Demi Lovato – Solo is catchy too.

  2. On ARMYs behalf, we apologise for the ARMYs mentioning BTS here.

    However people commenting that ARMYs should stop commenting BTS because BTS isn't even here is just really annoying. Most of the comments are literally just about that. I don't even know who to call immature anymore. Like 95% of the comment is just about that. I get it people. You don't like BTS being brought up over something that is not related to them. Just compliment the artists here who have worked hard. Seriously, humans can't live without giving/receiving criticisms, can't they?

  3. Predictions:
    10. Whatever It Takes (+2)
    09. Never Be The Same (-1)
    08. The Middle (-2)
    07. Look Alive (=)
    06. Meant To Be (-1)
    05. No Tears Left To Cry (+5)
    04. God's Plan (-1)
    03. Psycho (+1)
    02. Nice For What (=)
    01. This Is America (=)

  4. Predictions
    10 Boo`d Up
    9 Never Be the Same
    8 Look Alive
    7 No tears Left To Cry
    6 The Middle
    5 Psycho
    4 God`s Plan
    3 Meant To Be
    2 Nice For What
    1 This is America

  5. Why are BTS ARMY going retarded? I'm an ARMY myself. You do know that Billboard is from streaming and stuff? They don't create the charts, YOU DO. If you wanted them to have a #1 debut, you'd have to replicate what Childish Gambino did. 'This Is America' had 80 mill views in 5 days. BTS aren't that famous, y'all have gotten too big-headed just cause they appeared on Ellen.

  6. You dumbf***s don' t mind us then , If you think we are annoying cause' we keep on admiring BTS and commenting about them.Dont mind us then. Mind your own business. Your opinion is irrelevant.This is a free world, we could like anything we want and you could hate anything you want but keep in mind you should keep it to yourself because that can cause problem and that problem is the last thing we want from all of you.In short, STFU.

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