Music News: Early Release! Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 September 15th 2018 Countdown | Official

Music News: Early Release! Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 September 15th 2018 Countdown | Official

Latest Music News:

An early release of the September 15th, 2018 Billboard Hot 100 Top 10. Watch and find out who is No. 1!

Check back every Monday for more Billboard’s Hot 100 Top 10 countdown.

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26 Replies to “Music News: Early Release! Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 September 15th 2018 Countdown | Official”

  1. 10. Eh still like but it keeps going up and down
    8. Should’ve debuted higher
    7. Still like, but it should really leave soon
    6. Also should’ve debuted higher.
    5. Well, just go up!!!!
    4. Omg please go back to top 3

    This is honestly a disappointing top 10. The top 3 has been totally stagnant the past few weeks and Sicko Mode really needs to start going up. I wish Eminem could’ve debuted higher. And Mac Miller should definitely shake up the top 10 next week

  2. 10. 3/10 Generic af, opinion hasnt changed
    9. 6/10 Still souring on me but I don't really mind it
    8. 8/10 This song goes hard af; love seeing Em angry like this
    7. 6/10 This is souring on me and getting old. Still think its good though.
    6. 9/10 Both these guys go hard af. Both their flows and bars are on point. Favorite off of Kamikaze besides maybe Fall.
    5. 2/10 This song sucked on day 1, still sucks now.
    4. 10/10 Praise Post!
    3. 5/10 Still don't really like this song. Just doesn't appeal to me sonically.
    2. 2/10 Sucked since day 1, still sucks now.
    1. 4/10 This song is old and still isn't very good. I'm just glad this isn't Nonstop or I'm Upset.

    Also Love Lies better rebound next week, and I feel like it should since the album bomb will wear off.

  3. I didn't want In my feelings to have the most weeks at number 1 than Nice For What. Nice For What is a better song then In my feelings. There is nothing even good about In my feelings and Gods plan to make them Number 1 for like 9-11 weeks. Nice For What is FIRE and is the better one and I wanted that one to have more weeks at Number 1 then The other 2 songs. Next week I would like to see Girls Like you at number 1 and IMF going down so everyone stop streaming IMF

  4. Can Taylor, Rihanna, or Adele release an album now? Or literally any other strong charting pop singer? The top 10 needs a shake up. Those top 5 songs need to go or at least be on their way out.

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