Music News: Grace VanderWaal Talks ‘Stargirl,’ Touring With Imagine Dragons | MTV VMAs 2018

Music News: Grace VanderWaal Talks ‘Stargirl,’ Touring With Imagine Dragons | MTV VMAs 2018

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Grace VanderWaal chats about appearing in ‘Stargirl,’ touring with Imagine Dragons and more on the red carpet at the 2018 MTV VMAs.

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35 Replies to “Music News: Grace VanderWaal Talks ‘Stargirl,’ Touring With Imagine Dragons | MTV VMAs 2018”

  1. I know why she doesn't fit in with girls her age …its most likely because kids her age act like mental patients… all they care about is boys and they have no life and not to mention they have no self worth there just… followers that can't think for themselves….I'm thankful my mind is not diluted… I'm thankful that I know Jehovah and I'm thankful that I know who I am

  2. I"m all the way up! I remember that. She has come so far. She was a lot shorter then! (Note to Chelsea: Grace is still extremely young. She will be a very different person when she is 25.)

  3. She is growing into a seriously beautiful young woman.  I'm a little worried though; once people in the industry see Stargirl she's going to be in so much demand as an actress it might detract from her music.  But Grace thrives on change so in the end it's probably a good thing.

  4. Grace you can still fit in with girls your age. Don't let the industry strip you of your childhood/teenage years. Hang out with your friends from home and stay as far away from the Hollywood folks as possible when you're not working or having to attend a Hollywood function. These people work tirelessly to change and mold kids your age into them. You don't want to be that. Always be yourself and don't fall into the trap of being one of them. They don't live in the real world. Hang onto to everything you loved before becoming a star. You'll be better for it now and in the future. Do your thing and then when you're not working leave it "There" and go back to your life as it was. You being you is why people LOVE YOU. God Bless and keep your eye on the right path. 🙂 PS can't wait for your next CD.

  5. Ya, Chelsea does a great job interviewing Grace, and Grace is always the best interview. Hopefully Grace gets to spend time with her peers and old friends so she keeps her youth, don’t want to grow up too fast. She “was” (and is) the coolest kid ever. Perfectly awkward and adorable!

  6. You are so cute! Great outfit. It's great that you even get nominated for tonight's awards. AND a star on the walk of fame? Let's see, model, singer/songwriter, movie star…you just keep reaching higher heights. We are all behind you! Congrats. Watching as you get better known and mature as an artist. Good luck!

  7. It was interesting that Grace feels like a "dad" when talking to friends her age, and that they don't "get" her new sense of humor. We Fanderwaals have always known that Grace is intellectually advanced, and now I think she's beginning to realize it.

  8. She "felt like her dad" around girls her age.

    Which means that, she's missing out on just being a young girl around other teens. Those are memories that she'll never have if she doesn't live those moments, no matter how good or sad.

    Grace is not the normal teen, so, hopefully she can cope with her life and not look back at the times and friendships she missed out on. But, she's living a different dream life, and apparently, she's coping quite well. She will be around other people her age in Stargirl, so, she might pick up a lot of memorable things that can be part of the overall foundation that go into creating great lives.

    Out of all her achievements, she gets the best support than anybody can have, and that is the massive number of loyal fans out here. Who could ask for anything more?

  9. Chelsea, notice how the line of sight has changed? 😉
    When Grace left all excited form the People TV Interview, I somehow knew she was excited for Chelsea. Their chemistry is great.

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