Music News: Graham Coxon | Interview | 30th May 2012 | Music News

Music News: Graham Coxon | Interview | 30th May 2012 | Music News

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Graham Coxon | Interview | 30th May 2012 | Music News

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37 Replies to “Music News: Graham Coxon | Interview | 30th May 2012 | Music News”

  1. When the guy asked him about picking three songs of his solo work and he didn't say Are You Ready? it was kinda sad for me because that song is just…. (ugly crying) so perfect and fits the side he was talking about but the other two were excellent choices!!!

  2. This is one of best interviews I've watched with anyone. Interviewer really put Graham at ease and you could tell he was being himself, really good questions asked, all round really positive – made my day really 🙂

  3. Sounds a bit like Ray Davies, talking about sitting around coffee shops getting inspiration from every day life.. London.  Part of the great tradition of song writers..

  4. I love how he looks at his music as a hobby. That means it doesn't get to his head like so many other musicians nowadays. He keeps it all down to earth. I like that about him!

  5. Of course I 'm very very glad your voice,
    But I could not understand your talk from begining to end.
    So ,I'm sorry,anyway from japan , I will pray to recover your physical strength.

  6. I always see Graham – as much as I admire him – as a healthy cross between Charles Hawtrey and Dana Carvey. It's just how he always strikes me with his shy manner and face pulling.

  7. First of blur IS cool. Secondly, he is actually extremely shy and he doesn't talk that much. Thanks for the meaningless paragraph which is completely incorrect. Goodbye 🙂

  8. his mannerisms… it's painfully, painfully clear how ego driven this dude is. reminds me of a jr. high who doesn't yet understand that his vanity is see through. *bites lip, talks in high spinal tap voice, shows whites of eyes, scratches top back of head*

    feels like there's too much conscious thought into himself about how he's biting lips and looking around like a puppy. heads up his own arse entirely. goodbye! 🙂

    blur was cool.

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