Music News: How Grace VanderWaal Created ‘Clearly’ | Billboard | How It Went Down

Music News: How Grace VanderWaal Created ‘Clearly’ | Billboard | How It Went Down

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Grace VanderWaal joins Billboard to chat about how she created her song ‘Clearly’ on this episode of ‘How It Went Down.’

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26 Replies to “Music News: How Grace VanderWaal Created ‘Clearly’ | Billboard | How It Went Down”

  1. I don't know, I am beginning to see certain expected responses from her for the sake of fans. I loved watching her on AGT, and afterwards, because I sense humility and kindness and honesty in her, but now it seems she wants to be seen, or expects others to see her as, some genius of an artist. The Ukulele is the easiest by far to play of all the Guitars, especially the way she plays it. And song-writing anyone can do. Any. One. Many simply choose not to. Its that simple. The type of song-writing all pop singers do is very basic and cheap at best. The actual Good ones are hardly around anymore (most in the "Classic Rock" era specially). Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran's music is basic, cheap and simple. There is nothing special about it. Listen to Metallicas "Fade To Black", Led Zeppelins "What Is And What Should Never Be" are but two of the many, many, many amazing songs that alone in themselves are better than everything those other two have put out combined. I am saying song writing today is mostly Crap when compared to actual talents of the past.

  2. Seriously . . . does Billboard have to clog this interview up with witless cartoony banality? Seriously? You think we can't follow Grace Vanderwaal's story without this contemptible idiocy? Billboard? Get a friggen grip. We don't all have ADHD.

  3. So, they borrowed the chorus from Johnny Nash's song "I Can See Clearly Now" and they used lots of studio tricks to make the song much bigger and better than it ever could be live (without pre-taped special effects). Sure, she's cute and I'm glad Grace had fun, but the process is rather bogus.

  4. I DID NOT KNOW THAT.I assumed the chorus in the video were the voices on the song.Interesting!  and both a tiny bit sad and really cool, toothat Grace and Edo provided all the (vocal) chords.

  5. hi Grace! can i ask you a question?

    how do you get over stage fright?
    i mean, all my cousins say i have a beautiful voice (just saying) but when i am actually on stage, i sound like dying animal.
    so yeah, how do you overcome it?

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