Music News: Pentagon Reveal Their Favorite Lyrics & Dance Moves | Billboard

Music News: Pentagon Reveal Their Favorite Lyrics & Dance Moves | Billboard

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Pentagon reveal what their favorite lyrics and dance moves are.

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37 Replies to “Music News: Pentagon Reveal Their Favorite Lyrics & Dance Moves | Billboard”

  1. wtf where is edawn ….i cant take this ….what did he ever do to deserve this …his voice ..rapping ….dancing is amazing …..why cant he love who he wants to love ……if they kick him out of pentagon i will protest ..Hui thats your bro …why ………Edawn deserves to be here on bilboard ….he did no harm to nobody …..he raps better than most people …..get him back

  2. You guys should also care for yanan and 8 other member , I know we also should care for edawn but 98% is mostly about edawn and not caring that yanan is not there as well(show love to all 10 of them)
    CAUSE 10=1 1=10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I find it so horrible how I’ve seen no comments about Yanan, clearly most of these people are new unis if they don’t even notice that our Shanghai prince is missing. I miss my babies 🙁

  4. Ok so I’ve seen a lot of comments about e dawn and yanan, and what I mean is that ppl are like (for example) “where’s e dawn” and then ppl comment under that comment and they’re like “what about yanan” or the other way around.

    I just wanted to say that, just because ppl ask about ONE member (even though there’s more than one missing in this video), doesn’t mean that they don’t care about the other. You know? I’m pretty sure they also realize that e dawn isn’t the only one missing in this interview.
    I think that ppl mostly ask about e dawn cause u know, they’re (HyunA and him) still a hot topic in Korea and a lot of other places (internationally). So it’s not because they don’t like or don’t care about the other member(s).
    Please remember that.

    Anyway, thanks for reading. lol.
    Hope I didn’t confuse y’all cause I sure did confuse myself.

  5. can people stop being so disrespectful about e’dawn and hyuna’s relationship. Yeah it’s cute and I love it but no need for your cringy as* comments like

    “Where’s e’dawn?”

    “In Hyuna’s bed”

    like that’s so.. whatever. keep scrolling down the comments.

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