Music News: Pusha T Reacts to Being Called “Greatest Rapper Alive” | Grammys

Music News: Pusha T Reacts to Being Called “Greatest Rapper Alive” | Grammys

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Pusha T joins Billboard on the red carpet of the 2019 Grammy Awards to talk about being called the greatest rapper alive, his nomination for Best Rap Album for ‘Daytona,’ and more.

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38 Replies to “Music News: Pusha T Reacts to Being Called “Greatest Rapper Alive” | Grammys”

  1. True hiphop fans have immense respect for Push, hes been popping in Clipse when Drake was still acting. One Pusha T song has more bars than Drake’s entire discography and im not even exaggerating. Drake makes good pop music tho

  2. J. Cole – KOD, Onslaught of Quality Guest Verses, Multiple Records Broken

    Pusha T: Daytona, Disses someone he doesn’t consider a rapper

    Complex- “rapper of the year, Pusha T”

  3. I like pusha T a lot but greatest rapper alive is a reach … Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne just to name a few of the top of my head but I definitely think he should of won Rap Album of the year

  4. Well so only dead rappers are better? Who? BIG ? Big L? Tupac? Like are we taking into consideration a rappers entire catalog? Like Andre 3000 is still alive. As is Kendrick. Nas the God. Big daddy Kane. Lol ok they are old but still. Just because people disagree with the title doesn't make them young and ignorant. Or old and stubborn.

  5. Classic album and took out the hottest rapper ever in a face to face. Penned the most destructive diss track ever to do it. Great year, Push. So many people hate that you did it, though. Good. Looking forward to the new album.

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