Music News: Spillin’ The Tea: Full ‘Drag Race’ Kiki | Billboard Pride

Music News: Spillin’ The Tea: Full ‘Drag Race’ Kiki | Billboard Pride

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Tammie Brown, Jasmine Masters, Miz Cracker, Eureka O’Hara, Shea Couleé and Ginger Minj chat about supporting local talent, dating, racism in the fandom and favorite ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ moments so far in this full ‘Spillin’ the Tea’ roundtable video.

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42 Replies to “Music News: Spillin’ The Tea: Full ‘Drag Race’ Kiki | Billboard Pride”

  1. The introduction of social media to Dragrace was the detriment of drag. Seasons 1-3 may be 4, 5 you never really heard much but the minute Dragrace became super in your face by social media seasons 6-10, the racism became very obvious! And it’s gross!

  2. Is it LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQIA, I’ve seen so many titles!
    And Eureka quiet AF during the racism conversation…of course. Spade a spade …if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you’re not gonna call it a bear.

  3. Not to be THAT person, but if Tyra didn’t want to be “bullied” on social media then she shouldn’t have been such a cunt. Same for the Vixen for that matter. Nothing to do with colour, that’s ridiculous.

  4. Can we take a moment to appreciate how BEAUTIFUL Shea looks? That hair, that dress, the colours, THAT SKIN. Her skin looks so smooth and glowing, AND THAT HIGHLIGHT?? Girl chill with being stunning damn

  5. Eureka mentioned about Latrice Royale and " I'm every woman ". I didn't remember Latrice Royale ever lipsync " i'm every woman " in drag race? that was Trinity K Bonet with April on Season 6.

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