Music News: Unboxing Nick Jonas’ Life! | Billboard

Music News: Unboxing Nick Jonas’ Life! | Billboard

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In this episode of ‘Unboxing,” Nick Jonas reflects upon memories including getting stage fright on Broadway, his band’s ‘TRL’ debut and the moment his brother fell on stage during a live performance.

Nick Jonas and Robin Schulz’s new single ‘Right Now’ is out now via Island Records. Click below to listen!

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39 Replies to “Music News: Unboxing Nick Jonas’ Life! | Billboard”

  1. Look dude i don't know how many girls or boys like this dude and they dislike my comment let me tell you they way he talk he looks so fucken boring and that's why all girls break his fucken heart and he write that bullshit pathetic fucken songs

  2. What the hell is a "sympathy vote?" Fans aren't supposed to buy an artist's music because they feel sorry for them, they're supposed to buy music that they like. Stop wanting your fans to feel sorry for you Nick Jonas.

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