Nasty One Video | Lil’ Kim

Nasty One Video | Lil’ Kim

Lil’ Kim boasts sexual prowess in the video for her brand new single ‘Nasty One’. She’s not leaving anything to the imagination with these lyrics, and the splash of summer that the video gives us makes it a timely release.

The video for the track sees her relaxing in a luxury pool wearing a sequined nude body suit, throwing some shapes on the lawn of a mansion and grinding on a dude in the bedroom. 

Produced by Bkorn, her lead single has a Caribbean swerve and aims to show off a new side of Kim, ‘fun’ and ‘sexy’ being the key words when she described her new sound.

The single is her first since 2009’s non-album release ‘Download’ featuring T-Pain and Charlie Wilson, and it’s set to appear on her forthcoming studio album along with promotional single ‘Spicy’.

It will something of a comeback for the rapper, who hasn’t released an album since 2005’s ‘The Naked Truth’; her first record not to go Platinum. Since then she has released at least three mixtapes, the last one being 2016’s ‘Lil Kim Season’, and a smattering of singles like last year’s ‘Took Us a Break’. She’s also featured on plenty of recordings, such as Remy Ma’s 2017 track ‘Wake Me Up’.

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