Not The End Of The World Video | Katy Perry

Not The End Of The World Video | Katy Perry

Katy Perry has just dropped a video for ‘Not The End Of The World’, the lead track from her recently released six track EP, ‘Cosmic Energy’. Katy’s most recent release comes only a few months after her fifth album, ‘Smile’. 

The ever popular Californian pop star has clearly got a sunnier disposition than most with her current outlook on life. ‘Not The End Of The World’ may not refer to our current CoVID plight and may be a reference to a lost love, but it is still a message of positivity.

Katy has a great way of spinning things around and finding hope out of despair, finding a plus from a supposed negative. She’s right when she says, “what a time to be alive”. “Put your fears in the fire and don’t lose hope” Perry sings. 

‘Not The End Of The World’ has Katy Perry written all over it, it’s a pop banger that plays to Perry’s strengths. Her voice sours as she sings, she doesn’t hold back or restrain herself and delivers every word with expression and clarity. 

In the very amusing video to accompany the song Katy is targeted by blue skinned aliens, however as they are about to bring her aboard their spaceship they get distracted and teleport Zooey Deschanel instead (To be fair I think they’d probably settle for either, especially as the aliens can’t tell the difference!) Why anyone, even aliens, would choose to save Katy Perry forty odd minutes before Earth self destructs is open to debate, but hey I’m sure everyone’s got a favourite someone. In the end Zooey plays along and saves Earth by unplugging the Internet with seconds to go. Turns out Deschanel makes a pretty good Perry!

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