numb Video | Tom Odell

numb Video | Tom Odell

Tom Odell returns with new song, ‘numb’, his first single in nearly two years. Odell’s latest release is a slow and melancholic track and sees Tom in a reflective and sombre mood as he sings about break-up and pain. 

The thirty year old singer-songwriter from Chichester last released a single back in April of 2019 with ‘Summer Day’. There Tom was all bright and breezy, full of optimism and hope, “I’ve only gotta see your face” he sang. Nearly two years, and one devastating pandemic later, and Tom’s disposition has shifted radically. Odell is, as the title of his latest release implies, wounded and hurting and lets us know in no uncertain terms.

“so what i go out every night, sometimes i take drugs, they’re like my make-up, this f**king break-up, you see i gave you all my heart and now i hate love” Tom sings as the piano loops and the drum beats a metronomic, funeral march beat. ‘numb’ shares similar lyrical qualities with the Nine Inch Nails track ‘Hurt’ and touches on the mental well being of the protagonist in the song who is clearly suffering badly. Both songs work because they are raw, unflinching and honest. It’s a great track and marks a brilliant return from the Brit award winner. 

Taking to Twitter, one clearly exited Odell said, “ive had butterflies in my stomach all week but now numb is finally out thank goddd .. my mum is very upset I got short hair now, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do… xxxxx”. 

The short hair Tom Odell is referring to is his own attempt at hairdressing as he crops his hair with clippers in the video for the new song. It’s a good job the camera was rolling as there was no chance of a second take as Tom stands looking into the mirror butchering his hair like someone who’s lost the plot, singing, “and if you wanna know how i feel well here’s a taste”.

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