Outta My Mind Ft. Bell Biv DeVoe Video | Busta Rhymes

Outta My Mind Ft. Bell Biv DeVoe Video | Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes shares another single and video from his epic album ‘Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God’ as he releases ‘Outta My Mind’. Busta’s latest release, on behalf of The Conglomerate, features Bell Biv DeVoe playing foil to Rhymes as he spits his raps with the fury and intensity only he can muster. 

Busta Rhymes is full of channeled aggression and pent up energy on his latest release. The potency in his fast paced delivery is quite spectacular and an assault on the senses. Rhymes packs a punch with each lyric, as if sparring with his audience throughout the song. 

Bell Biv DeVoe collaborates with Busta Rhymes to produce one of the highlights from Busta’s newly enhanced and extended album. ‘Don’t Go’ with Q-Tip is far more laid back, ‘Slow Flow’ with Ol’ Dirty Bastard  is more reflective and ‘YUUUU’ with Anderson .Paak is more experimental but ‘Outta My Mind’ is up in your grill, facing you down and full of fight.

Busta’s performance on ‘Outta My Mind’ is vintage Rhymes. His style is all his own, there are no equals and not even any pretenders, what Busta Rhymes does is uniquely his and on ‘Outta My Mind’ he has excelled himself. 

His performance in the CoVID referencing video is equally engaging and equally energised. Busta is high on life and high on the buzz he generates from his delivery. The comparison between his agitated and frenzied performance when seen side by side with the cool calm demeanour of Bell Biv DeVoe works just as well in the song as it does in the video, they are a winning yin and yang combination in every respect. 

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