Pay Your Way In Pain Video | St. Vincent

Pay Your Way In Pain Video | St. Vincent

With a new album on the horizon the ever creative Annie Clark has premiered it’s lead single and video, ‘Pay Your Way In Pain’. After teasing the release with a surreal short film, and various strategically placed posters, St. Vincent dropped ‘Pay Your Way In Pain’ after giving BBC Radio 6Music the first play on Thursday 4th March.

St. Vincent’s new track his the first to be taken from her latest album, ‘Daddy’s Home’, which is scheduled for release on May 14th. The ‘New York’ singer, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, last released an album of new material back in October 2017 when she released her brilliant record, ‘MASSEDUCATION’.

Three and a half years on from the release of one of her best records her creativity and artistry are undiminished. ‘Pay Your Way In Pain’ is a playfully leftfield alternate pop song with a theatrical bent that approaches musical theatre but thankfully never tips into it. Annie Clark’s latest release is, as much of her previous work, as near as you can get to musical performance art. Every facet of the arrangement, each individual noise and sound that has been assembled, feels like it has been subject to meticulous attention to detail in every respect. The conversational interplay of the lyrics towards the latter part of the song elevate it still further with Clark drawing on a thread that gives the song an almost humorous (In a good way) feel.

In the video for ‘Pay Your Way In Pain’ a peroxide blonde bobbed Annie Clark dons a 70’s ensemble in a solo performance as she sings out, “You know what I want? What do you want? I wanna be loved.” You are Annie, you really are, and we can’t wait for the album.   

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